What's going on? Where's my Sitekick?

As the Sitekick Remastered project has progressed, we have come to a realization that a significant change in server software is required.  Our server developer has resigned, and with them, all server code and user data.  We’re doing our best to get Sitekick back up and running again, but it’s likely going to take a few weeks or months before we’re ready for anyone to test it again.  We’d like to sincerely apologize to the community, and are taking precautions to ensure sure nothing like this happens again in the future.

Please review the below FAQ, as it will cover most of the current state of the project.  We recommend joining the community Discord server to get the latest updates, and chat with other members of our community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Unfortunately, when we lost the database, we lost all user accounts, user chips, and all Sitekick data.  You will be starting from the beginning.  We’re taking measures to prevent something like this from happening again in the future.

  • Yes.  You will be required to make a new account.

  • The team is working hard to get the server back to a usable state again.  We don’t have an exact date, it may be ready in a few weeks or a few months.  As soon as it’s ready, we’ll notify everyone in our Discord server so they can get the updated version and re-register.

  • We’re always looking for assistance building Sitekick Remastered.  For a full list of team roles, check out https://sitekickremastered.com/join-the-team/

    Currently in high demand: Server Backend Programmer.  Our Game Programmer has taken over building the server code for the time being, but will be unable to maintain both forever.  If you have experience, we’re always happy to add new members to the development team.