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YM boogiewoogie

Big Fun Party News everyone!

Some of you may remember ym_boogiewoogie from Yabber & YTV's message boards. Boogie was responsible for writing news posts, updating show pages, writing game reviews, horoscopes, etc from the 2000-2005 era of YTV.

boogiewoogie has now joined us on Discord, and is happy to answer questions about her time at Yabber & YTV.

If you have any questions, please ask in ⁠ytv-questions and Boogie will do their best to answer them.

Welcome Boogie 🙂

Welcome SitePic

Hey everyone, please give a warm welcome to our newest robot: SitePic

SitePic is here to help you build custom Discord avatars featuring a Sitekick that you design. You'll be able to choose a body color, along with a set of eyes.

Send @SitePic a message to get started!

If you run into any problems, please message @Kablooey for help.


A new developer has appeared! InsertNameHere is joining the development team as our dedicated Discord Bot Developer.

He'll be in charge of frontend for:

  • Kablooey

  • Authicer

  • Sitepic

Welcome to the team.