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Sitekick Remastered

Made by fans, for fans.

Sitekick Remastered is available for Android, Windows 10/11, and Xbox. Apple devices are not supported at this time.

WARNING: Sitekick Remastered is still in Beta. All chips, xp, and collection lists will be wiped upon the full release.

  • Google Play (Recommended)

    Play Sitekick Remastered on your phone, tablet, smart tv, or even your refrigerator. You're welcome.


  • Microsoft Store

    Download from the Microsoft Store and play on any and all Windows 10 or 11 devices.


  • Get it on Xbox (Experimental)

    Download an experimental build of Sitekick Remastered and play it on your Xbox.


  • Sideload Android APK

    Download the Android APK file for manual installation. This is intended for Android emulators and de-Googled devices.

    Download APK