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Sitekick Remastered is in no way affiliated with YTV Canada, Inc. and/or Corus Entertainment, Inc.

Sitekick Remastered is a completely free game, containing no advertisements, subscriptions, microtransactions, or any other form of monetization.

Remastered? What happened to the original?

Sitekick was originally a game that overlayed the broader website, an official online portal for the Canadian national children's broadcasting station of the same name. YTV premiered across the country on September 1st, 1988 and remains on the air today.

Sitekick was originally implemented to the site in 2003 and removed in 2015 following legacy code issues. Despite this, Sitekick is a significant source of nostalgia for many Canadian millennials, and this project aims to preserve knowledge and assets from this time, as well as develop a new full-featured version of the Sitekick game.

You can check out the Remastered version here.